Department Support List

This list provides the name of the Support Group (CSR), Enterprise Account Manager and Account Manager as available for each Department (Name) and College/Division (Parent) as found in the University Financial System. This list can easily be sorted and searched using the following options.

  • To Sort by column, simply click on the column heading once for A-Z and twice for Z-A.
  • To "Go To" a letter in the alphabet within the currently sorted column, locate the "Go To" box in the Header, and enter the desired letter(s). The view will alter to show the table from the closest matching entry and all entries beyond.
  • To Search for all listings that contain matching text, locate the "Go To" box in the Header, verify that the desired field is being searched (Name, Support Group, etc), and then enter an *, followed by the desired search. (e.g. *OIT to display all departments including OIT in their name)
  • For Advanced Searches, click on the + symbol at top left corner and set desired parameters and select Run.