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myBYU (Portal)

Intended Audience: Students, Employees

The myBYU portal is a one-stop customized web site that presents University information specific to each individual. Instead of looking for information, a user logs into myBYU, and the portal brings together all the relevant information customized to the user's needs and presents it in an organized manner.


As the portal matures, it has the potential to become a single, consistent, web-based interaction tool where information from a variety of University databases is available. This could include information about students, faculty, employees, courses, technology, the library, parking, calendaring, and much more. Some of this information is likely publicly accessible, and some may be confidential. The role of the portal is to put a consistent face to this information, and provide essential services to the university community in a more customizable and effective way.


Similar to iGoogle or My Yahoo!, the portal is a web container that knows who you are and what roles you have at the University. Once you log in, it knows if you are a student, an employee, or both. It then uses that information to make content, also known as "portlets," available to you. Each of these portlets also has the ability to use your information to display information that pertains specifically to you, without you needing to re-authenticate. Portal content has the ability to be more than just links to other university websites. They can actually display information that pertains to you right there within the portal. A few portlets have already been designed that will give you a taste of the potential of this technology. University entities will be invited to create additional content that will display information targeted to particular audiences.


Portlets that are considered critical to your University experience are automatically placed in the portal for you. But you have a great deal of flexibility in arranging, adding and removing additional content as you desire. The portal can then become your personal window for the things that you most care about on the internet, both inside and outside BYU.

Access this Service

Access to this service is granted through user’s NetID and Password.To access this service, please go to the and use the Sign In button.


Want to Publish a Portlet to myBYU

University developers can create portlets and submit them for publication on myBYU. First register your portlet using the Register Portlet form available on the Order | Modify menu. After review, your page will be added to myBYU for testing by you and others with authorized roles. Once you feel your portlet is ready for the public to use, submit it for publication using the Publish Portlet form, also available on this page. Upon approval, the portlet will be released in a beta category for a minimum of 2 weeks before it is generally available in the other categories. For assistance in developing a portlet, see the additional documentation available at myBYU Help.



There is no charge for use of this service.

Other Resources

myBYU FAQ: For more detailed information.

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