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Intended Audience: Students, Employees


We are excited to announce that BYU Campus Television now has Apple TV and IOS applications available from the App Store. The app can be found by simply searching for BYU Campus Television. Once you have installed the app, you can login with your Net ID and your 9 digit BYU ID (no spaces or dashes). You must be on a campus designated network (BYU Secure or Eduroam) for these services to work properly. If you are not getting any channel content, please verify you are on a BYU housing or office network (not BYU guest).


If you experience difficulty, please email us at with your Net ID, BYU ID, IP Address, physical location and network connected to, so that we may try to assist you.


Campus Television (On-Campus Housing)

Television service is available for all on-campus housing residents from a mobile device or computer browser on a personal computer via the network connection as part of their housing contract. Visit Campus Television: On-Campus Housing for instructions on accessing and using this service. Each housing contract includes the ability to register up to three personal devices. 


Campus Television (TEC Rooms)

Campus Television is available in classrooms where TEC Podiums or Cabinets are installed. The Office of IT provides this service at no cost to the university community. Users may view HD channels by choosing TV or Campus Television on the control system in each room. Channel selection is available under the Device Control tab.


Campus Television (Administrative and Academic Buildings)

Campus Television is available for university faculty and employees for academic purposes at a nominal monthly charge (requires department account code). Content for Campus Television is provided by Beehive Broadband and is available in all campus buildings.  Users may view HD channels from a computer browser or Set Top Box connected to an office wired network jack. This service is not available over wireless or from public wired network jacks.


There are two models for ordering/receiving Campus Television:


Individual Access

See Campus Television: Individual Access for more detailed information. This option is available via computer browser.


Set Top Box

See Campus Television: Set Top Box for more detailed information. 

Access this Service

Campus Television

Campus Television is available in TEC Rooms on campus, through Set Top Boxes connected to displays in public areas, and on most office computers. It is not available through off-campus connections, public access connections (wired or wireless).
Computers or devices must be connected to a wired network jack.  Regardless of the physical location a wired connection is necessary to receive the Campus Television signal. Personal wired or wireless routers will not convert the signal correctly.


Note: If you wish to bookmark the page, edit the marked link to be just “”. If the bookmark is: ( or something else) the system doesn’t recognize the browser as having been registered. You will have to register every time.


Note: BYU ID (student number) should not include any hypens or spaces. Just the 9 numbers. Device name can have spaces on PC’s but no special characters. If in doubt, just make it simply all one word.


Campus Television on Personal Computer (Wired Connection)

Campus Television can be accessed and streamed directly to a computer browser on a computer connected to an office wired network jack. No building or campus internal channels are available through this service. Individual Television Access must be ordered using the link above (monthly fee applies). Once Access is granted, the individual user registers a browser by going to and entering their Net ID, 9-digit BYU ID, and a unique name identifying the device for future management (e.g. Dell Computer). How to Use the New Campus Television from Beehive for more details.



  • Computer connected to an Office Wired Network Jack
  • Compatible Browser (Chrome for Windows or Safari for Mac)
  • Individual Television Access (See order form above)


Display Monitor or Television (No Computer)

There are two methods to stream campus television directly to a television or display without using a computer:

Set Top Box

Available for rent through the Office of IT

A set top box will allow you to view Campus Television (including internal department or building channels) on a television or display.  A new set top box can be ordered (monthly rental applies), and will be delivered preconfigured and registered.


  • Dedicated Wired Network Jack (set top box vlan)
  • Power Supply
  • Display with HDMI, Component or Composite Connections


Monthly Individual Access: $2.65

Monthly Rental - Set Top Box: $11.60