My Account/Net ID

Intended Audience: Students, Employees

A Net ID is used to identify and authenticate a user with BYU applications. The password, in conjunction with your Net ID, will allow you access to certain university systems. Users may choose their own Net ID within the guidelines of this service.  Net IDs should be created as soon as a student, employee, or BYU affiliate begins using University resources and is valid for the entire life of their relationship with BYU.


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For Employees:

  • Human resources
  • Payroll information
  • Personal Information
  • myBYU portal

For Students:

  • Class Registration
  • Scholarship and graduate school applications
  • myBYU portal
  • Financial Systems

BYU Affiliates:

  • Access to products and services granted by appropriate personnel


There is no charge for use of this service.

Other Resources

BYU CSRs:  Password Reset Administration: A Help Center Article for CSRs on resetting client passwords.

BYU ID  - Occasionally you may be asked for your BYU ID.  This is a 9 or 11 digit number that  identifies you in many BYU systems.  You can find it on the bottom left of your BYU ID card or on the "Summary" page, "Identifiers" block on the Personal Information site.


Policy: It is important to maintain privacy of your Net ID and password to help avoid identify theft and unauthorized transactions.  Please do NOT share your Net ID and password with others.


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