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Wireless Network

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The BYU Office of Information Technology provides wireless internet (WiFi) access to the campus community from within many academic buildings. Users with wireless-enabled computers or other devices may access the internet using this wireless service.


Wireless options

There are currently 4 wireless networks available across campus depending on your location:


Eduroam and BYU-WiFi

The Office of Information Technology encourages students, faculty and staff to use the Eduroam network wherever it’s available. Eduroam provides the highest possible level of wireless network encryption and gives users the ability to use the eduroam networks at other participating universities. Eduroam may be used by any current faculty, staff member, or student. For connection instructions see To search for participating schools, go to



BYU-WiFi is intended for guests and devices that are unable to connect to eduroam. Guest users have access to the internet only including public-facing BYU websites. Devices such as (but not limited to) Apple TVs, Chromecasts, and WiFi printers can join the BYU-WiFi network with no additional registration or configuration needed. Even though they are connected to BYU-WiFi, these devices are accessible to computers connected to Eduroam. For more information about BYU-WiFi, see


Network Locations:

The eduroam and BYU-WiFi networks are available throughout most of campus. Notable exceptions include:




BYUSecure and BYUGuest

The BYUSecure network is available in most buildings on campus that aren’t covered by eduroam. The password for the network is byuwireless. Only current faculty, staff, and students can connect to this network which allows access to the campus internal network. Guest users will need to connect to the BYUGuest network which only allows Internet access.

Access this Service

For each of these networks, the first time you connect a new device to the network a browser page will open and you will be prompted for a username and/or password.  After you do this initially, you will not be prompted again in the future when connecting to that network.



  • Username: (be sure to include after your NetID)
  • Password: Use your NetID Password



  • Username: Use your NetID
  • Password: Use your NetID Password



  • Pasword: “byuwireless”



  • There is no authentication required to use this network.


Network Device Registration

Network Device Registration allows University employees, faculty and students to register devices, reducing the time it takes to connect to the network for daily use. Device Registration can be used both on campus and in BYU housing. It is NOT necessary to register computers that connect to the BYU wired network in offices, OIT and Department labs, and other work areas. 



Terms of Use: BYU network terms of use.



There is no charge for use of this service.

Other Resources

BYUGuest Port Restrictions: Help Center article with port information

Network Device Registration: Details on registering your special wireless devices.

Supported Antivirus Providers: List of approved antivirus providers.

Web Browser Compatibility Policy: Official browser policy of BYU.

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