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Faculty and Employees—Directories

BYU Operators

Campus Operators are available throughout the day to answer almost any question about the BYU campus including, but not limited to, event times, faculty information, campus locations, and even random BYU facts. "Don't know? Call INFO!"

Reach an operator at 422-INFO (4636) or "0" from any campus phone. For more information, visit the BYU Operators page.

Department Directory

A department directory is available on the BYU home page under Campus>Directories>All Departments.

Employee Directory

An employee directory is available through on the BYU home page. Access it under Campus>Directories>Faculty & Staff. You must be logged in with a net ID for more information in this directory.

Exchange Directory (Global Address Book)

A global address book can be accessed through your employee Email exchange account, within Outlook or other email software (Mac OS 10 Mail, Microsoft Entourage, or For more information on Email, visit the Email service description.

Faculty Profile

View information about faculty members such as awards and publications or update your own personal profile. Access the system at .

IP Phone Directory

A campus phone directory exists on all campus IP phones, accessible by pressing the "directories" button on the phone. For more information on IP phones, visit the Campus Phone page.

University Organization Chart

For more information, see the University Organization Chart article.

Customer Service

Customer Support

For technical support or additional questions about this service, please:


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