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BYU Learning Suite

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BYU Learning Suite is a BYU-developed Learning Management System. The Learning Suite gives faculty the ability to communicate with students, share files, design courses, give online quizzes and exam, provide student feedback, submit grades and more.


 Products included in the Learning Suite include:

BYU Gradebook

Gradebook will assist instructors in calculating, entering, and manipulating grades, and students in viewing and manipulating grades.

BYU Syllabus Builder

Syllabus Builder will assist instructors and TA's in creating, editing, and distributing class syllabi.

BYU Digital Dialog

Use of Digital Dialog will allow students and faculty to interact and collaborate through video, email, document sharing, and other formats.

BYU Flash Cards

The Flash Card service creates on-screen flashcards of students' names and faces to help instructors identify them.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes will help faculty track progress towards the learning goals or outcomes of individual classes.

BYU Mid-Course Evaluations

Through Mid-Course Evaluations, faculty can receive feedback from students during the semester on their performance, students' concerns, and individual progress.


  • Allows for creation of pages with text, audio and video, documents and web links
  • MathJax integration for mathematics equations (supports LaTeX and MathML)


Allows for creation and administration of exams

Student Ratings

Student Ratings allows students to provide feedback on courses and teachers at the end of a class.

Access this Service

To access this service, please go to


There is no charge for use of this service.

Other Resources

More in-depth information on the Learning Suite is available on BYU's Center for Teaching and Learning site and from the Learning Suite site.


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