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Online Locker Rental

Intended Audience: Public

University lockers are available to rent in many buildings across campus and provide a place to keep personal and academic belongings. Lockers are primarily for the use of students, but may also be rented by faculty members who desire a more convenient storage space.

Access this Service

Lockers may be rented online by going to or through myBYU.

1.   Login using your BYU Net ID.

2.   After logging in, Click Rent a Locker.

3.   Select a building from the map of campus (blue buildings have lockers). Click the building to select a locker from that location.

4.   Select the floor from the generated list of available lockers.

5.   Look at the map to see where the locker is located on the floor. The locker is marked in red.

6.   Select the locker you want to rent from the list.

7.   Select a length of time to rent the locker and then click I Agree.  Your student or employee account will be billed accordingly.

You may always find your locker information by logging into Your Currently Rented Lockers will display after you have logged in. Each locker will have its own information line. This information includes the locker building and floor location, number, expiration date and size.

You may also access your locker combination, view an instructional video on how to open your locker and renew your locker from this screen.


Lockers are located in 13 buildings across campus. These buildings include:

    • BRMB – George H. Brimhall Building
    • CB - W. W. Clyde Engineering Building
    • CTB  - Ronald A. Crabtree Technology Building
    • ESC – Carl F. Eyring Science Center
    • HBLL – Harold B. Lee Library
    • HFAC – Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center
    • HGB – Heber J. Grant Building (Testing Center)
    • JKB – Jesse Knight Building
    • JRCB – J. Reuben Clark Building (Law School)
    • TLRB – John Taylor Building
    • TMCB – Talmage Math Sciences/ Computer Building
    • SNLB – William H. Snell Building
    • WSC – Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center

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