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Network Device Registration

Intended Audience: Public

Network Device Registration allows University employees, faculty and students to register devices, reducing the time it takes to connect to the network for daily use. The following are some examples of device use which typically qualifies for Device Registration:


    • Smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi connections.
    • iPod/iPad type handheld devices with Wi-Fi.
    • Laptop Computers connecting to the BYU Secure Wireless Network.
    • Laptop Computers connecting to TEC Rooms using a network cable.
    • Laptop or Desktop Computers connecting to public network jacks located in student common areas.

Note: It is NOT necessary to register computers that connect to the BYU wired network in offices, OIT and Department labs, and other work areas.


    • Laptop or Desktop Computers connecting to public network jacks located in housing.
    • Network Gaming devices such as Xbox, Playstation & Wii that connect to public network jacks in housing.

Access this Service

To access this service connect your wireless device to the WiFi and follow instructions.


Desktop/Laptop Device Registration

Devices that use a web browser no longer need to register through the website.

Most laptop computers have two Network Interface Cards, one for wired network, and one for wireless. If an individual only connects the laptop to the BYU wireless network, they will only need to register their wireless MAC address, If, however, the individual wishes to connect the laptop to the BYU public network (e.g. TecRooms using the provided cable), they may wish to register their wired MAC address as well. 

Registration is not necessary for computers used strictly in University office locations, but is intended for computers that will be connecting to the wireless network or public access ports located in housing or student common areas.

To register a browser based device:

      1. Connect to the BYUSecure Wireless network
      2. Enter the pre-shared wireless password "byuwireless"
      3. Open a web browser on the device you wish to register
      4. Navigate to a webpage in the browser (e.g.,, etc.)
      5. A login page will display. Register your device with your BYU Net ID and password.
        • Note: You are responsible for any activity on the device that is registered with your Net ID.
      6. Once you have completed the inital login registration through the web browser, your device will remain registered until you choose to remove the device registration.

Android and iPhone/iPad Device Registration

Use the browser based device instructions to register the device.

Once your device registration is complete, the device is registered with the BYU network until you choose to remove the device registration.

Non-Browser Device Registration

Network devices which run mobile and gaming operating systems but do not operate with a web browser (e.g. IP Phones, gaming consoles, etc.) may still be registerd using the Register a Device form through Each Network Interface Card (NIC) has a unique MAC address assigned to it, which is usually listed in the network configuration menus of the device. You must register the MAC address associated with the device by choosing Register/Renew Device in the upper right corner of this page. Visit Find your device's MAC address for assistance with locating your MAC address.

To register a non-browser based device:

      1. Go to Register a Device.
      2. In Person Responsible for this Device: If you are responsible for this device, leave your name in this field; otherwise, enter the name of the responsible person.
      3. Provide a short description of the device. This description will help you identify this device for future registrations. Include appropriate level of detail to differentiate it from other devices you may register (make, model, etc.)
      4. Provide the Wireless and/or Wired MAC address you will be using to connect to the university network.
      5. Indicate the type of device and whether this device runs a Windows operating system as instructed.
      6. Review and agree to the Terms of Use for the Brigham Young University Network.
      7. Select Order Now.
      8. Select Submit Order.
      9. Once your device registration is complete, the device is registered with the BYU network until you choose to remove the device registration.

Other Resources


If you need additional information, see our Frequently Asked Questions article.
If you need assistance locating your device's MAC address, see our Find your device's MAC address article.


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