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Set Top Box for IP Television (IPTV)

What is IP Television (IPTV)?

IPTV is BYU's internet television solution available on computers in business and academic buildings across campus. Television service to your computer is provided at no charge to the user. For complete details, visit the Television page. 

Want to connect IPTV to a television?

Set top boxes are available to convert the IP Television signal to a suitable audio/video output for a television.

Where is this service available?

Departments: A set top box will work in most campus locations where IPTV is enabled. A connection to a specially configured network jack is required for optimal performance.


One-time configuration fee: $13.35
Monthly set top box rental: $10.25
Replacement cost if lost: $208.15 for entire unit. Replacement cost will be charged for any missing components.

Department Billing Information

An individual will need to be designated as the contact person for the set top box. An appropriate department account code will need to be provided for setup and monthly recurring charges.

Cancellation Policy

Set top boxes should be returned to the OIT Service Desk located at 249 MB or to OIT Computer Rental in the Ellsworth Building located at 76 West 2230 North in Provo.

Additional Documentation

Installing VLC for IP Television

Set Top Box Quick Start (IPTV): A list of included components, set top box models and setup instructions.

Set Top Box Universal Remote Programming Guide

Television Channels

IP Television Frequently Asked Questions


The IPTV system will be monitored by OIT Operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will receive immediate attention should the signal be interrupted. Individuals experiencing problems with their set top boxes can call the OIT Service Desk  for assistance in determining if the problem is with the system or a user's individual setup. Set top boxes that appear to have malfunctioned can be exchanged at the Ellsworth building during regular business hours.


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