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Wireless Network

Intended Audience: Students, Employees, Computer Support Representative

OIT provides wireless (Wi-Fi) access to the campus community from within many academic buildings. Users with wireless-enabled computers or other devices may access the internet using this wireless service.


Network Device Registration

Network Device Registration allows University employees, faculty and students to register devices, reducing the time it takes to connect to the network for daily use. Device Registration can be used both on campus and in BYU housing. It is NOT necessary to register computers that connect to the BYU wired network in offices, OIT and Department labs, and other work areas.


 HD (High Density) Wireless

Over the next few years, BYU will be upgrading campus wireless locations to better serve our users. Upgrades will occur on a building by building basis. HD Wireless buildings will have the following benefits:

    • Coverage: Wireless will be pervasive throughout the building including classrooms, common areas and faculty offices.
    • Connections: Capacity for every person to have at least 3 devices on the network.
    • Bandwidth: Capacity for every person connected to have a minimum of 2 Mbs upload and download speed between all devices.
    • Gigabit: There will be an option to order a Gbps jack anywhere in the building.  See the Gigabit Network Connection page for more information about Gigabit services.



Completed In Progress


Guest House, HBLL, HCEB, HRCB, JFSB,





Access this Service

Network Device Registration


Campus Guest Access

Access the Internet by connecting to the BYU Guest Network. No password is needed to access BYUGuest. Simply open a web browser and accept the terms of use.


Student and Employee Access with Net ID

Connect to the BYU Secure network for optimal access and speed. Log in with your Net ID and Password or register your wireless device to eliminate the need to authenticate future connections. As of Oct 2011 - Current Speeds are up to 7 Mbps for uploads and downloads.

Note: The pre-shared BYUSecure wireless password "byuwireless"

Open a web browser and enter your BYU Net ID and password. DO NOT register another person's computer using your Net ID. Individuals will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on a computer registered to them.



Terms of Use: BYU network terms of use.


There is no charge for use of this service.

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