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Students—Computers, Software, and Network


Computer Rental

BYU provides refurbished computers with pre-loaded software for students to rent on a monthly basis. These computers are located at the Ellsworth Building (76 West 2230 North). At the beginning of fall semester these computers are also distributed at trailers located at on-campus housing locations. Prices vary depending on housing and computer types.

For additional details on monthly computer rental, see the Computer Rental page.

Computer Labs

OIT has over 600 computers throughout campus available for student use at no charge. All computers have common University software installed, USB ports and CD-RW/DVD Drives. Printing stations are available inside each lab. Open Access Computer Labs are centrally located in the WSC, SWKT, & WIDB.

For a complete list of lab locations, hours of operation and other details, see the Open Access Computer Labs page.

Campus Printing

Using the internet, you can print to a Campus Printer from anywhere. By simply installing an Open Access Printer Driver on your desktop or laptop, you can send a document to the printer queue, and pick it up at any of the dozens of printer stations OIT has provided across campus. Download your copy of the Open Access Printer Driver from


Software Classes

OIT provides classes on popular software titles, including:

    • BYU Technologies--BYU Learning Suite, Qualtrics, etc.
    • Microsoft Applications--Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, etc.
    • Graphic and Web Development--Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc.

Go to the Office of IT Training for more information, to see the current available classes, and to register.


Network Connections

Wireless Network

BYU provides two wireless networks to the campus community. Wireless networks are available in campus common areas. Wireless Network availability for on-campus housing may be found here.

For details, see the Wireless Network Access page.

Wired Network

BYU provides wired network access in campus public areas as well as on-campus housing. Wired Network provides the fastest connection, encrypted data, and access to the BYU Network as well as the internet. Devices connecting are required to be current on OS and virus software. You must authenticate with your Net ID and password.

For details, see the Wired Network Access page.


The myBYU portal is a one-stop customized web site that presents university information specific to each individual. Access and the portal organizes all the relevant information personalized to your needs. For more information, see the myBYU Portal page.

Internet Safety Information provides information to keep you safe while navigating the online world. It includes information on spamming, phishing, viruses, malware, gaming, and social networking. For details, visit

Register Computers and Special Devices

Computers and other devices (i.e. phones, tablets, gaming devices) are required to authenticate to the BYU network. To avoid having to login every time they access the BYU network, students may register their devices with OIT. For details, visit Network Device Registration

Customer Service

Customer Support

For technical support or additional questions about this service, please:


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