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Housing Technology Services Matrix and Terms of Use

All use of the BYU network must comply with the "BYU Wired and Wireless Network Terms of Use".  See


Housing Wireless Network Connection

Link to Housing Wireless Network Connection

Access to the BYU Network and Internet is provided in select residences (* See Matrix below) through a wireless network connection. The BYU network uses an 802.11 a/g/n protocol. Note: 802.11b is NOT supported. This means that devices which rely on the B protocol, such as older model game consoles and some wireless printers, will not work.


Housing Wired Network Connection

Link to Housing Wired Network Connection

Access to the BYU network and Internet is provided through a wired Ethernet network connection in select residences (* See Matrix below).  

Residents in these locations may install their own personal wireless access points; however, OIT does not offer assistance in configuring or provide support for your personal wireless access points. OIT does recommend that those personal wireless access points support 802.11n (5 GHz) as this is the preferred protocol.


IPTV Television Connection

Link to Housing IP Television (IPTV)

Each select residence (* See Matrix below) also includes an IPTV connection. IPTV may be viewed on a computer at no cost or on a television with the use of a BYU set top box which may be rented from OIT. IPTV is not available over a university provided wireless network connection.


Technology Services Matrix

X = Service is Provided


BuildingWired NetworkWireless Network      IPTV
Helaman Halls   X X
Classic Heritage Halls (Buildings Fox, Harris, Felt, Broadbent) X    X 
Heritage Halls (Buildings 9-10, 25-30)   X X
Wyview Park  *** *** X
Wymount Terrace *** *** X
Foreign Language Student Residence   X X


*** OIT has recently enabled wired network access in family housing. Effective spring term 2015, single residents will also have wired network access enabled.  Residents may connect personal wireless access points to the wired connection. For more information regarding specific locations, please contact the OIT Service Desk.


Note: Head Residents have a Housing Wired Network Connection for use with their IP Phone and computer.


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