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Students have many technology services available to them in order to make their BYU experience more enriching. This page is an overview for parents who are assisting their students in utilizing these services.

If as a parent you need a Net ID please use the Net ID Creation page.

BYU Network Connection


Students with wireless-enabled laptops can access the Internet from common areas across campus. For details, see the Wireless Network Access page.

On-Campus Housing Access

For public and housing access, students must authenticate in a browser window using a valid Net ID and password.

For details, see the Housing Wired Network Access or Campus Wired Network Access page.

Computer Rental

BYU provides refurbished computers with pre-loaded software for students to rent on a monthly basis. These computers are located at the Ellsworth Building (76 West 2230 North). At the beginning of fall semester these computers are also distributed at trailers located at on-campus housing locations. Prices vary depending on housing and computer types.

For details, see the Computer Rental page.

Computer Access

Computer Labs

OIT maintains several Open Access Computer Labs across campus. The labs are open for student use. Lab assistants are available to answer software questions on the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and more. Lab computers include the Microsoft Office 2007 suite as well as other software, printing capabilities, CD/DVD drives, and USB drive ports.

For details, see the Open Access Computer Labs page.


These computers are located at convenient locations throughout campus and often include printing. Users can browse the Internet, use common software, access the BYU network, print, and do other tasks.

For details, see the Open Access Kiosks page.

Campus Printing

Printing is found in all Open Access Computer Labs as well as various locations across campus. Students can send documents from their laptop or home computer through the Internet to campus printers. Simply download the BYU print driver from Software Distribution. After clicking print, enter your Net ID when prompted. Go to any printing location on campus, swipe your Cougar Cash card, and the job will print.

Email Alias

Students may create a email address through Email Alias Manager that will forward email to another email address/mailbox. This permanent forwarding address is available even after students leave the university.

For details, see Email Alias Manager Creation Guide in the Help Center.


Download Software

Students have access to free software programs through BYU's Software Distribution. Students can download:

    • BYU Print Drivers
    • Autodesk Software
    • MediaNotes

For details, see the Software Distribution page.

Software Classes

OIT offers courses to all students on key software packages. These free classes primarily consist of four hours of instruction (over a period of a few days) on general software functions or shorter sessions taught on specific applications. Go to the IT Training page to see class listings and to register.

For details, see the OIT Training page.

Customer Service

Customer Support

For technical support or additional questions about this service, please:


The feedback box, located below, is intended for general comments on this page or service information and NOT for help with specific technical issues you are having with the service itself. If you would like a response to your feedback, be sure to include your contact information or log into using the login button at the top of the webpage.


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