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IT Training—Instructor-led Training

The Office of IT Training provides instructor-led training in computer applications to all current employees and students. We also maintain online training resources for learning on your own. The goal of IT Training is to provide the campus community with the technological knowledge to improve work, teaching, and learning environments.

Instructor-led Training

Instructor-led software training classes are free for current employees and students. Courses range in skill level from the most basic to the advanced. To register for classes, click the link on the right.

Course subjects include:

    • Computer Foundations and Macintosh Foundations
    • Microsoft Office--Access, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word
    • Adobe Software--Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Captivate, and Dreamweaver
    • Other Technologies--Learning Suite, Qualtrics, and Endnote

Course types include:

    • Software Foundations Courses: These courses cover the basics of a program at a thorough pace, focusing on instructor-led examples, solution-based projects, and guided practice time. Classes generally last 8-12 hours in two hour blocks.
    • Accelerated Courses: These courses cover the same material as a foundations course, but at a faster pace and with less practice time, generally lasting 4-6 hours in 1 or 2 hour blocks.
    • Software Skillbuilder Courses: These courses teach you the advanced uses of the program, building upon the skills taught in Foundation courses.

 Classes draw from a website,, which includes syllabi, mini-videos, and other such resources and helpful links.

Custom Courses:

  • Departments may order customized courses beyond regularly scheduled classes. See additional information in the Custom Courses section.

Customer Service

Customer Support

Email for any questions about classes.

For technical support or additional questions about this service, please:


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