Web Services

The University has many systems tracking many bits and pieces of information related to BYU. Web services provide simpler, more targeted views into University systems with customized web interfaces. These Web Services are created by various campus users and fill specific niche needs to make your experiences here easier and quicker. The SOA Registry is the repository for BYU Web Services. BYU Web Services are interfaces to BYU systems that provide University data that is consumed by other applications. The SOA Registry is primarily used by System Administrators and BYU Developers to write applications that consume University data and provide University data through their own Web Services for others to access. The registry provides a way for developers to learn what web services are currently available at BYU and to consume data from those web services. The SOA registry can be accessed at To be granted access to publish web services in the registry, developers can call the OIT Service Desk at 801-422-4000.