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How to Check IP Address

Housing Network Services,Wireless Network


How to check for a valid IP address and release and renew the IP address while troubleshooting wired/wireless network access problems.

Windows 7 and 8


Note: If this method for finding an IP address does not work, use this optional method:

Mac OS X


Note: If problems continue:

Support Instructions

IP Address Ownership:

  • The IP range for private IP addresses allotted to BYU is: -
  • The Church has all the IP addresses above that (
  • The MTC is special and technically part of the Church so they are on 10.80.x. 


169.xx.xx.xx, 10.0.xx.xx, and 172.xx.xx.xx mean they are not getting a connection (could be a cordjack, or virus or Quarantine problem) 169. xx.xx.xx usually is a self-assigned IP address due to no contact with DHCP.
192.xx.xx.xx and 10.0.xx.xx indicate a possible problem with an unauthorized router
An Error "Media State Disconnected" indicates that they are not getting a connection (could be a cordjackvirus, or TCP/IP setting problem-- also make sure to check if their local area connection is enabled and wireless is disabled)
192.xx.xx.xx usually is a Private address scheme not used by BYU OIT. 
*If the IP address is anything but what is listed here, they most likely have a static IP address and the KB0023495 should be checked.

Break-down of Valid IP addresses for the specific aspects of the BYU network: 

BYUSecure and Public Wired Access Ports: (See HBLL & TNRB for exceptions)
BYUGuest (except for the HBLL & TNRB):
HBLL & TNRB,  BYUGuest: 
Main Campus Buildings, Wired Ports only - mainly offices:

Campus Labs: 
Valid IP Address?
  • Try to obtain a valid IP address (KB0024358)
  • Release and renew the IP address to ensure the computer currently has a valid IP address
  • Return to KB0023426 (step #2). 
  • Return to KB0023563 (step #2)

Authored by Tim Hirschi
Last modified 2 hours ago