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Housing Internet Connection and Troubleshooting Help
Housing Internet Connection and Troubleshooting Help
Type:SupportCreated:2015-08-18 by Kelsey Berteaux
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Troubleshooting steps regarding both internet and television access problems affecting residents in on-campus housing.


Note:  These steps are for housing only. For on-campus troubleshooting help see KB0023563.



Determine if the issue is with the BYU network or with the individual router:

  1. Use a PC, Laptop, Mac or similar network device and connect directly from the device to the network jack in the wall.
    • If no problems occur when directly connected to the jack, the problem is likely with the router. Please follow the personal router troubleshooting steps in KB0027985.
    • If this does not work, try a different Ethernet cord with the jack to rule out any technical problems with the cord.
  2. If the problem persists when connected directly to the jack, please contact the Operations and Support Center (801-422-4000) so they can troubleshoot the connection further.
  3. A router/modem will cause intermittent issues with internet connectivity with the user and other users. If you have a modem/router then you should get a dedicated router.
    • Dedicated routers will have a port on them that specifically says "Internet" while modem/router's only have LAN ports.


NOTE: Campus Television is not currently available on iOS & Android devices. Only on Windows and Mac OSX.  

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