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Virtual Private Server
Virtual Private Server
Type:Service DescriptionCreated:2009-04-16 by Jessica Marriott
Category:Servers, Storage, Backup & DatabasesUpdated:2017-07-25 by guest
Services:Virtual Private Server

Virtualized private, leased server for BYU departments or colleges. Windows Server 2008 or Red Hat Linux.


OIT is no longer offering this service to new customers but will continue providing it for current customers until a replacement solution is determined.  If you would like to discuss alternative solutions for this, please contact your OIT Account Representative.


Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allow departments and colleges to administer a virtualized private, leased server. Either Windows Server 2008 or Red Hat Linux operating systems are available.

Additional features include:

  • Monitoring: OIT will monitor your VPS for network connection (ping) and basic web server function (static pages only). If OIT Operations notices a problem, they will restart the server to restore functionality and notify the system administrator.
  • Backups: Upon request, data files may be backed up each night unless the file is open. The Operating System is NOT backed up. As such, a complete system restore is not available, only data files may be restored.
Access This Service

This service is accessed through a remote desktop or SSH client.


Initial Order

  • One-time setup Fee . . . $111.20
  • Monthly Fee . . . $114.55
  • Additional monthly cost for each 50 GB increment beyond the initial 50 GB . . . $43.55

Operating System

  • One-time storage upgrade fee . . . $37.80
  • Monthly cost is dependent upon modification.
Other Resources

Linux VPS: a Help Center article.
Windows VPS: a Help Center article.

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