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Software Distribution—Proxy Access

This is supporting documentation for an OIT service. For complete service details and order information, visit Software Distribution.


Proxy Shopping Features

Site and Departmental Administrators have the ability to complete proxy purchases on behalf of other users.

  • In the Shopping Cart, a Proxy column appears for each line item, where the administrator can edit customer identity. The line item will appear under the specified user's downloads, but will still appear in the administrator's invoices. To perform this action:
    1. Click the Edit link
    2. Enter a Net ID or customer name in the search box
    3. If prompted, select the desired customer.
    4. Complete the edit dialog.

  • From the My Downloads or My Invoices screens, administrators can enter a customer's Net ID or First & Last Name to view the specified user's available downloads and invoices. They must enter their own identification to return to their own downloads or invoices.